Tips for Preparing Your Holiday Pet Sitter

Are you preparing for a holiday trip away from Asheville? Once you have your plans in place, it is important to prepare your pet sitter. 

Even though your routine throughout the holidays might be a little off-kilter, have your pet sitter follow your pet’s normal routine to help the visit go as smoothly as possible. Your pet will find comfort in the familiarity. Here are some key steps to follow.

  • Keep visit times consistent with your fur baby’s usual eating and toileting times. This way, they will not need to worry about any added stress to their routine habits.
  • Take a tour of your home and jot down everything you do on a routine basis for your pet. Please ensure that you enter the written care instructions in your Client Portal so that our sitters have access to all care instructions. Things such as the locations of the pet food, poop bags, leash, toys, towels to dry off snowy feet, etc.
  • Make a detailed list of your trip itinerary to include all contact information at each location.  
  • Make a contact sheet including a local emergency contact (friend or family member), veterinarian name, address and phone number, and the contact information for a local emergency vet.
  • If you have purchased or received any of those beautiful poinsettias during the holidays, be sure to put them up and out of reach from your furry friend. Remind your sitter to keep them inaccessible, as well, along with any other enticing holiday decorations.

Now that you’ve prepared your holiday pet sitter, you and your pets can enjoy a fantastic holiday season whether you are at home or away.

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