Dog Friendly Breweries in Asheville, North Carolina

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable and informal as spending some time in a worthwhile brewery, seeing how the beer is made and enjoying some of the best on-tap beers you can find. Celebrating craft breweries is not only a means by which to support local businesses, but to support the overall art of craft beer production.

If searching for things to do with your pet in and around the Asheville area, why not give this a try? In this mini-guide, we’ll list a few excellent dog-friendly breweries worth your attention in Asheville, North Carolina.

Wicked Weed Brewing

Wicked Weed is known for their amazing, eclectic beer menu which should have something for every taste. This, in conjunction with their famous dog-friendly patio (parts of which are protected against even bad weather), you’re sure to have a great time. Not only this, but their expansive food menu is sure to satiate your appetite.

Catawba Brewing Company

Catawba Brewing Company’s extensive indoor space allows for a comfortable seating experience for you and your dog, meaning that you can sit back and relax quite comfortably. They’re also known for excellent staff service and the chance of bringing food trucks nearby for hungry patrons.

Green Man Brewery

Known for winning gold in the American Craft Beer Festival and with both indoor and outdoor seating (as well as being one of the first dog-friendly breweries in Asheville), Green Man is a beautiful addition to local craft beer culture and remains one of the best in the business. A great place to go for veteran beer drinkers and those new to the scene alike.

With these three breweries on your ‘to-visit’ list, you’re sure to experience the very best craft beer creativity and fur-friendly hospitality out there.

Asheville Pet Care Team

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