What it Means When a Cat Excessively Grooms One Spot

Are you wondering what it means when a cat is excessively grooming one spot? You are not alone. It is one of the most common concerns among cat owners.

Cats love to clean themselves and domesticated felines can typically spend anywhere up to 50% of their waking hours grooming. However, excessive grooming in a localized area of the body can lead to fur loss and hairball accumulation. So, it’s important to understand why your cat is grooming one spot. Here are the three most likely causes.


Cats may lick their wounds in an attempt to suppress pain or discomfort. Excessive grooming of the genitals could signal a UTI while licking a limb could mean that they have a cut, sore, or muscle problem.

If the excessive licking of one body part lasts for more than 24 hours, pain is one of the most likely reasons for it. You should try to get a look at the area if possible while also making note of any other potential symptoms, like a limp.


Cats will lick irritated skin on a frequent basis, especially if licking delivers temporary relief. It is most likely for fleas to be found at the tail. So if your cat is grooming the base of their tail, you may need to look at flea treatment options.

Alternatively, grooming the paw pads could signal an allergic reaction to pollen. If your cat attempts to lick their neck or groom their ears, it could signal mites.


Stress is another common cause of excessive grooming in one area. This could be caused by moving home (or changing the furniture), a new arrival, a chaotic household, moving the litter box, or other changes. This is known as psychogenic alopecia.

Cats will often lick one area excessively when they are bored or unstimulated, especially when you are away. If you are worried that this is the reason, our professional cat sitting services could be the answer. We’ll keep your cat entertained and your mind at ease.

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