What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Might Mean (Specifically On Its Back)

While some variances are seen between different breeds, most dogs are known to sleep for around 11 hours each day. Some dogs sleep on their sides while others are curled in a ball. But what does It mean when your pup pal sleeps on their back?

A dog’s sleeping position meaning: back sleeping

While it’s not the most common sleeping position for dogs, millions of pups do choose to sleep on their backs. As overnight pet sitters, our team at Asheville Pawz sees it all the time, and it is totally natural. For many dogs, it is simply a preference due to comfort.

Other reasons include feeling secure, which is why only domesticated dogs tend to do it rather than their wild cousins, or showing their affection to their owners. In most cases, though, back sleeping occurs because your dog is hot. So, given North Carolina’s warmer climate, it is not uncommon for dogs to sleep on their back.

The fur on a dog’s stomach is far thinner than it is on their back while sleeping in this position additionally allows for maximum cooling of sweaty paws. If your pup is hot, they will sleep on their back to cool down.

How to support dog’s sleeping on their backs

Now that you understand the dog’s sleeping position meaning, you can start to consider ways to support your pup. Some of the best options include keeping a cooler temperature in the home or choosing a cooler dog bed.

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