Why Do Cats Purr?

There has been a lot of research into a cat’s purr, and it has been found that they don’t just purr because they are happy little love bugs. There are, in fact, many other reasons why they make this sound. A cat’s purr sounds like a soft rumble and is their way of communicating, self-soothing, and even healing. A cat’s purr will adapt over time, depending on how responsive its owners are to the sounds and their rewards. 

Here are some of the top reasons why a cat may purr. 


Cat’s begin to purr just after a few days of being born, even though for the first couple of weeks of their lives, they are blind and deaf. This purr enables them to communicate with their mother to show them that they are there, and help with navigating feeding time. A cat is likely to continue its purr if its needs are rewarded throughout its lifetime. This is why you may find your cat purring more around dinner time. 


There have been links between a cat’s purr and pleasure, as you may see yourself when they are enjoying a stroke from you. This purr might be slightly softer than the purr used to solicit food, as that need is more urgent. Cats do not always need a reason, such as a stroke or food to purr. Cats tend to purr as to show their love and affection towards their owners, which makes our hearts melt! 

Pain relief 

A range of studies have shown that cats will purr after a stressful event, often to communicate their feelings, but it has also been shown that purring can assist with pain relief, healing, and even bone repair if they have been injured. 

A cat’s purr is a little more special than many people realize, as it is used in a range of ways, from communicating their needs, showing their affection, and healing.  At Asheville Pawz, we always strive to elicit happy purrs from your sweet kitty while we’re pet sitting with lots of love and affection.  

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