What To Do If Your Indoor Cat Accidentally Gets Out

Many cat owners choose to raise their feline indoors, where they remain safe and sound from the possible dangers of the great outdoors.  However, sometimes despite best efforts, curiosity will get the best of an indoor kitty and they may venture out without your permission when you’re not looking.  Cats are incredible escape artists given the opportunity to sneak through a cracked door or open window!  While you may be extremely worried about their safety, natural instincts usually kick in and your fur baby is likely safely hiding nearby.  Here are a few tips for what to do if your cat accidentally gets out so that you can bring them home quickly.   

Stay Calm

It may be easier said than done, but staying calm is critical. It allows you to think more clearly and make better decisions which may make the difference between finding them now rather than later.

Don’t Delay

Be sure to launch your search efforts as soon as possible.  Notify neighbors, friends, and your local humane society right away with a description of your pet so they know to be on the lookout.  It’s also helpful to list your missing cat on local resources, like Pet Finders’ “Lost Cat” page.  

Hiding Spaces

When cats feel unsafe, they will look for a hiding spot.  Be sure to check your property and surrounding areas very carefully.  Look in garages, under cars, in the bushes, and other possible spots that could shelter a cat.  Oftentimes, when cats are scared they will not come out on their own, so it is important to visually inspect each possible hiding spot.

Use Food

Food is a huge motivator to return home.  Try using the sound of their favorite food hitting a bowl to call them back or even shaking the bag. Cats don’t normally venture too far from their home, so in all likelihood, they will hear this and come running.  Some experts recommend using canned tuna to lure them home.  What kitty doesn’t love that for a treat?  

The Litter Box

A cat’s sense of smell is far superior to ours. Try placing their litter box outside – which has their personal scent on it – to give them a sense of direction and motivation to return home.

These tips will hopefully bring your sweet kitty back home quickly and safely.  Once your cat does return, be sure to adjust any situations that may have allowed them to accidentally get out in the first place.  And, remember, even indoor kitties should be microchipped!  

For these and other helpful pet care tips, please follow our blog.  Asheville Pawz is also pleased to offer pet sitting services by our pet care professionals who have received hands-on-training for pet and home safety practices, so you can be confident in our services. Your indoor kitty will stay safely inside with us!

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