Tips for Keeping Your Cat Away from Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations and cats are anything but a match made in heaven. Our four-legged friends are naturally curious and playful, which is why keeping them away from the decorations is a challenge that millions of pet owners will face this holiday season.

It is just another aspect of helping them adjust to the busy holiday schedule. Here are three simple steps to preventing a nightmare before Christmas.

Leave the tree undecorated for 48 hours

Once you have brought your Christmas tree home or put up the artificial tree, it is only natural that you will want to add the lights, tinsel, and ornaments right away. Stop! Patience is a virtue. 

Your cat will be curious about the tree. Give them a day or two to acclimatize to having a tree in the home. Hopefully, your furry friend will soon get bored of it. So, when you subsequently add the decorations, the tree will be less appealing.

Don’t let wires or strings dangle

You spend the rest of the year dangling toys and other items in front of your cat. So when decorating your home this holiday season, you must take this into account. For starters, tree lights should be buried in the foliage. 

Any holiday decorations along the walls or banisters should avoid loose hanging items. Keep them taut and you will find that they are less appealing to your cat. Better still, it prevents the risk of paws getting caught in the wires.

Don’t leave the cat alone for too long

Finally, if you want to keep holiday decorations and cats apart, you must keep your pet entertained through other means. A new scratching post could work wonders for your pet throughout the festive period.

Crucially, you must not leave your cat alone for too long as boredom will eventually lead to mischief. If you can’t be around due to work and other commitments, a cat sitter can check in on your pet and holiday decorations.

To arrange for a cat sitter to visit your home in Asheville, North Carolina, book a professional pet sitter today. 

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