Asheville fireworks and your pets

Your Asheville dog walker will tell you that even when walking your dog on an ordinary day, a loud or unexpected noise may create excitement, cowering, barking and shaking. Prepare your dog walker for these events around the upcoming holiday by:

  • Checking the fit of your dog’s collar or harness before going outside to ensure that you can keep them close to you in the event of loud noises. Your dog walker will always check as well, but it doesn’t hurt to double check.
  • Ensuring that all entrances to your home are secure so that your dog won’t accidentally escape when they hear a loud noise.
  • Creating a comfortable space where all of your pets can cuddle and feel safe.
  • Turning on the television to drown out loud noises.
  • Checking in with your vet to ask if medication would be helpful if you know that fireworks may create anxiety.

If you’re planning a trip during the 4th of July, Asheville Pawz is available so that you can relax, knowing that your pet is in excellent hands while you’re away. Contact us today!

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